Saturday, October 19, 2013

When is an Engineer Worth $10M a Year?

Chris Fry just got $10M in stock options as Twitter prepares for public stock offering. He previously drove an all-at-once transformation of to Scrum which helped make it the company with the highest return on investment year-to-year for most of the last decade (see Steve Denning's article for Forbes). Guess he is probably worth the money.

I was involved in a similar transformation at Pegasystems a few years ago. 27 teams in two months vs. 30 teams in 3 months at Pegasystems stock price quadrupled during the transformation so all-at-once Scrum can be worth a bundle of cash. We wrote about the Pegasystems effort in this paper:

J. Sutherland and R. Frohman, "Hitting the Wall: What to Do When High Performing Scrum Teams Overwhelm Operations and Infrastructure," in Hawaii International Conference on Software Systems, Kauai, Hawaii, 2011.

There is a lot of talk about scaling Scrum recently. Before you adopt any approach, ask them to "show you the money!"

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Ken Ward said...

It's nice to see that companies are finally seeing the true value of how a switch from the old way to Agile way can improve the bottom line and those that are engaged in those efforts should be rewarded accordingly.