Thursday, February 02, 2012

The Power of Scrum

The Power of Scrum

Please read before ScrumMaster and Product Owner courses in Los Angeles and Boston in February.

Book Description

The Power of Scrum tells the inspiring story of Mark Resting, CTO of a software company struggling with a major client and a project with more problems than solutions and a marriage in crisis. But, when he meets Jerry, a West-coast expert in Scrum, light at the end of the tunnel begins to appear, Mark begins to reluctantly hope things will work out. The road is bumpy, but Jerry skillfully brings Mark’s developers from a world of project crisis into a revolutionary approach that can save the day. Authors Jeff Sutherland, Rini van Solinger, and Eelco Rustenburg have written a fictional narrative that masterfully weaves a compelling human story around the teaching moments of a software, project management how-to, and in the process tell an engaging story of personal growth and triumph, while demonstrating the power of a revolutionary and mission-critical approach to project management. The Power of Scrum is a must read for project managers, software developers, and product developers, as well as for anyone who loves a great story well told. More ...


tekzenpdm said...

Hi Jeff,
I would love to read the book. Is there a plan for a Kindle edition or any ebook edition.?



Michiel Klonhammer said...

I can really recommend the book. Even though I'm experienced with agile type development, it got me to follwo Jeff's course - see what happend: