Friday, August 05, 2011

    Bob Sarni Aug 02 11:29AM
    If you have not seen this series on youtube, I would recommend it. I really enjoyed. It was great to hear Ken and Jeff really talk about the roots and future of Scrum. Parts 6 through 8 are Q&A. Of course the question was asked about Scrum Alliance vs Both were very diplomatic in the responses and really focused on "who" gives the certification is not as important as the application of Scrum and that no matter who gives the certification - you should do your homework and make sure you have a good trainer. Also both talk about doing your homework about hiring people - certifications do not guarantee excellence. Also a great discussion on Kanban. Other highlights: Jeff talks about the Department of Defense mandating that iterative and incremental approaches be included in their procurement processes. Jeff would like to raise money to implement a Scrum Institute at Harvard Business School. The Scrum Guide and Scrum Handbook are the sources of Scrum Hope you enjoy :) 

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