Monday, June 06, 2011

Scrum Moves Beyond Software


Daniel de Amaral said...

Jeff, totally agree that the next Scrum step is to go to executive level. But, my perceptions so far (at least in my country) is that exists a big gap between engineers and development people (that are running Scrum well) and senior executives level (this is more evident in big companies). How is being doing this next step in US? What are your thoughts in how to effectively build this bridge to delivery Scrum at the strategy level into organizations? Regards.

Jeff Sutherland said...

Executives need to understand why Apple has such a large market capitalization. It is because Jobs is directly involved in product creation as the Chief Product Owner. Your companies will not be able to compete if one of their competitors has a CEO who is a good Chief Product Owner directly engaged in product creation with a strong relationship with engineering teams.