Monday, February 07, 2011

Using Scrum in SAP Implementations

I continually get questions on whether Scrum is used in SAP implementations. It is a core strategy for SAP. However, it is difficult to find good documentation of this. My recommendation now is if you need this, go to Scrum training for SAP implementations. You will find out exactly how to do it and get plenty of good implementation on existing practices.



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Agile SAP Project Implementation

The success of your SAP solution is to a large degree determined by the speed and the effectiveness of the software to add value to your organization. Therefore SAP The Netherlands is introducing Agile for SAP implementations: a new, practical implementation methodology that allows you to implement operating functionality in short iterative cycles. Starting with the most important one. Enabling you to generate faster results, gain immediate insight into the value, increase the flexibility of the implementation and improve progress monitoring.

Now Xebia, the market leader in Agile coaching & training and SAP have joined forces to offer a unique training combining the Agile principles, Scrum and the specifics of the SAP project environment to get the same benefits in a SAP project implementation.

After attending this two-day SAP Agile Training you will get knowledge and insights on Agile, Scrum, with the practical knowledge to start using it in your SAP environment as soon as the day after! The specific questions we have come across in SAP environments when doing Agile/Scrum will be dealt with and answered.


Jeff Sutherland said...

SenthilVel M ,CSM, CSP has sent you a message.
Date: 4/29/2011
Subject: RE: SAP and Scrum White Paper...
Hi Jeff!


few months back , i was doing a Pilot in my Organization VOLVO IT where Agile Was implemented in SAP for the First time.

initially there was a big mindset block in stake hodlers, but later as u had mentioned here , it was the same like any other Sw Development.
This project became a real pilot for other SAP Projects to in the Agile Scrum Direction!

had also a few points in my blog:

Please check with Time permits!

Have made a ppt on Agile in SAP will upload in a Slide share soon...


janmusil said...

Jeff thank you for the blog about the Agile training SAP and Xebia deliver jointly in Europe.

It may be useful for your blog readers to look at the blog introducing the Agile ASAP methodology we have released earlier this year. I'll be happy to talk with you should you have any questions about how we took Agile principles and values into account in design of this extension of our proven ASAP methodology.