Saturday, December 04, 2010

Give Thanks for Scrum Day - 24 Nov 2010

Dan Mezick organized the Second Annual Give Thanks for Scrum Day on 24 November at Microsoft in Waltham, MA. Ken Schwaber and I gave presentations and did a panel. A good time was had by all!

Aggressive Scrum - What Happens When You Actually Remove Your Impediments?

There are endless studies of dysfunctional Scrum and 1000 ways to implement ScrumBut. But what happens when a company, a coach, or a team aggressively implements Scrum and successfully removes impediments. I'll discuss three papers presented at Agile 2010 as snapshots of successful Scrum. The first is an artificial life company in Finland where the entire management team got on board with Scrum. The paper on how the managers felt after a company wide Scrum implementation has some interesting findings. The second snapshot shows how an Agile coach successfully produced a hyperproductive team every time he became ScrumMaster. His metrics for hyperproductive teams are something everyone doing Scrum should know about. The third snapshot describes a companywide transition to Scrum that was executed in two months. Running headlong into your companies biggest impediment at full speed is a story not to be missed. Published results on each of these three snapshots are available. Click to download slides.

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J. Sutherland and R. Frohman, "Hitting the Wall: What to Do When High Performing Scrum Teams Overwhelm Operations and Infrastructure," in Hawaii International Conference on Software Systems, Kauai, Hawaii, 2011.

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