Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ScrumDay Berlin: A Practical Guide to Great Scrum

On 17 November 2010, the keynote presentation at ScrumDay in Berlin was on how to systematically create hyperproductive teams. Slides are available at the link below. Available also is the Systematic Ready Ready Checklist for Product Backlog discussed during the presentation. The talk was based on the Agile 2009 experience report:
C. Jakobsen and J. Sutherland, "Scrum and CMMI – Going from Good to Great: are you ready-ready to be done-done?," in Agile 2009, Chicago, 2009.

In the field of Large-scale application of Agile, the best data set comes from a CMMI Level 5 company that is providing data collected from over 100 highly disciplined Scrum teams. Based on the lessons found in this data, Jeff will describe how a new team can follow the path of Systematic Software Engineering and double productivity by focusing on "product DONE," then double it again by focusing on "product backlog READY." Current research shows that any team can achieve hyper-productivity in a few sprints, even in a dysfunctional company. This presentation will show the audience how to do it and how easy it can be, if they work to remove impediments.

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Thavonekham Vincent said...

Hi Jeff,

We met in Paris at the Scrum XEBIA event 2 days ago.

1/ Since you like figures and numbers, here is a French presentation given by General Electric. It shows how they improved considerably their product over the years, by moving from V-Cycle to Scrum, but still preserving their CMMI 2 model :

2/ Concerning TFS 2010, all I've got is a list of 37 companies (as per Nov. 2010) willing to be referenced by Microsoft.

Since you also work with Microsoft on TFS, do you know any large companies using Team Foundation Server 2010 (preferably French ones), with a large development team (for example 100 to 600 persons) as long as this information is not "secret" ?? Indeed, i wanted to know how they work and organize their team and projects, especially on the Continuous Integration part of a massive product.

Thanks for guiding us to reach quality quickly and with lots fun.

Vincent Thavonekham (