Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Agile Manifesto Translation Project

I worked with Henrik Kniberg in Stockholm this week and heard the latest about the Agile Manifesto translation project. A simple idea is having some far reaching effects. See

Agile Manifesto Translation - program report
Henrik Kniberg - Agile Alliance Board

Current status:- Program has been public for 6 months
- 13 languages published
- 19 languages in progress, 9 of these are in review state
- $0 consumed so far

The Good:- Steady stream of new translation offers coming in
- Joint translation efforts are building bridges between people
- New agile communities are being ignited. For example Telugu in India with over 70M speakers.
- Estimate 35-40 languages published by Agile2011.

The Less Good:
- We have sometimes not been very responsive to new translation offers. We are caught up now though, hoping (naively perhaps) to stay on top in the future.
- Some of the ongoing translations have run out of steam. Actively reigniting these now.
- No female translators so far (I think)! Why is that?

The Future - plans & ideas:
- Planning to create a colorful collage with faces of translators & examples of translations.
- Since Agile2011 is the 10 year anniversary of the manifesto creation we should definitely highlight the agile internationalization at the opening of the conference (as Ward recommended for this year). For example:
  - Show the collage on a slide while talking about how the manifesto is reaching into each culture
  - When we acknowledge the authors of the manifesto (which I hope is going to happen at some point), we also acknowledge the translators and have them stand up to get applauded.
- Have a standing "expo" somewhere in the conference, showing all translations & the translator faces collage. Something like the one I created at Agile2010, but prettier - i.e. spend a few $ on the design this time :o)

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Fabrice Aimetti said...

Hello Jeff,
Indeed, the most important is the translation of values and principles of Agile Manifesto. But to present the actors and the human adventure which has enabled them to achieve this manifesto is also very important to me, so I've translated it into French.