Thursday, March 04, 2010

Project Management Institute and Massively Distributed Scrum

Non-IT Scrum is of increasing interest. Here is a Scrum run at the Project Management Institute by Dan Mesnick of Agile Boston:
Copyright (c) 2009-2010 Dan Mezick. All Rights Reserved.
Work is increasing distributed; Scrum can be adapted to fit. Some projects have these characteristics:
1. Distributed globally; it is unrealistic to assume that the people involved can get face-to-face time
2. Volunteers populate the leadership and teams
3. The work may not be related to IT or Software
4. The work has fuzzy requirements that are ever-changing and based on events
5. The work has the potential to dramatically scale up or down, meaning the total number of people involved must shift quickly to match
An object example project is the PMI Agile project, where I currently serve as Scrum Master

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marktaylor said...

I'm not a professional project manager, just a humble Machiavellian telecom, desktop, and network support guy so I've been having to teach myself on the fly.