Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mentoring Candidates for CST

Many people ask about how to become a Certified Scrum Trainer. A series of recommendations has been discussed within the Scrum Trainer community and published at the link below. While not mandatory, they are certainly recommended guidelines. Click on the link for complete documentation.

Mentoring for candidates for CST
This page describes the best practice guidelines already in use by many senior CSTs.  Reviewers of CSTs have been requested to consider this in their reviews. These best practices were later also agreed by the CSTs interested in this topic at the ScrumGathering in Orlando in 2008.

Mentoring serves two purposes.

* Enable the mentor (and others) to make an informed recommendation or decision.
* Enable the candidate to learn more about being a CST, so that, if approved, he or she can be more successful.

Scrum is important and very strong CSTs are critical to its continuing success.  Thus, mentoring is important. It is in the best interest of the customers who ultimately benefit from Scrum that the CST community be improved.

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