Friday, November 27, 2009

Give Thanks for Scrum Day

Ken Schwaber and I had a spirited discussion answering questions from the audience at the Agile Boston conference on 25 November.

I started off the day with  "Practical Roadmap to Great Scrum: Systematically Achieving Hyperproductivity." Several people have asked for data on story process efficiency which typically is about 20%, i.e. if a story takes one ideal day to implement it takes five calendar days to deliver on average. When you raise your story process efficiency to over 50% you will double your velocity. Systematic Software Engineering in Denmark, a CMMI Maturity Level 5 company, has provided extensive data in this presentation which will be useful to anyone interested in high performing Scrum teams.

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neoaeonian said...

Would you look at that!

Seeing Jeff and Ken sitting together at the same table just brings a smile to my face.

The time I worked for the two of you at Individual, IDX and ADM, were some of the fastest learning curve's in my career.

Your Scrum methods and the Jade Box did a world's worth of help for me, taking me all over the globe since at Viridien, and now my company, Explosive Fitness.

I want to wish you both very happy holidays.

Tony Reno, CEO
Explosive Fitness, Inc.