Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Nokia Test: Online

The latest version of the Nokia test is now ready for online scoring in French and English thanks to Antoine Vernois. We are finding that for teams that can establish a baseline velocity, raising the score two points will typically double velocity and quality. Raising to over 9 out of 10 will triple velocity.


David A Koontz said...

Thank you for posting that!

I've worked for a professional services company with multiple projects/project teams. I just took the test with one team in mind. 6 of 9 not bad given the nature of the distributed team and the newness of the company we were consulting.

Since you are collecting the info, will taking the test multiple times (for different project teams in mind) effect your stats? Does the IP # collected pose a issue with multiple different scores? If so would you consider putting a name field (name the team) to distinguish the multiple submittals in your data set?

Kristian said...

Thanks a lot for the link to the Nokia test. I was minutes away from writing to you to hear if you knew of awailability in other forms than your slides from your Scrum Master Certification.

Henrik B said...


You may also be interested in our online version of the test. It has been running for about a year now: