Friday, July 04, 2008

HICSS Papers: Need Reviewers

HICSS paper submissions are in and we are seeking Agile experts to review these papers. All reviews must be complete by August 15. This is your chance for an earlybird view on some of the latest Agile thinking. Contact Jeff Sutherland if you want to review one or more of these papers. Please include paper numbers in your email.

179 - An analytical survey of “on-site customer” practice in Extreme Programming
189 - Scalable Dynamic Clustering
277 - Analyzing the Modes of Communication in Agile Practices
323 - Automated Acceptance Testing Using Fit
357 - A Model of Agile Evolution and Maintenance Process
433 - Understanding Shared Leadership in Scrum
553 - Measurements of Software Agility
462 - The impact of organizational culture on agile method use
794 - Service Development in the User-Oriented Software as a Service Era
941 - Bridge Methods: Using a Balanced Project Practice Portfolio to Integrate Agile and Formal Process Methodologies
1008 - Agile Deployment: Lean Service Management and Deployment Strategies for the SaaS Enterprise
901 - Proposing an agile approach to software ethics
1058 - Using Scrum in Distributed Agile Development: A Multiple Case Study
1087 - All-Out Organizational Scrum as an Innovation Value Chain
398 - XP Benefits to Software Development: A Case Study Analysis
575 - An analysis of Stand-up Meetings in Agile Methods

See HICSS42 for latest details on the conference.

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