Friday, September 08, 2006

SirsiDynix Scrum Paper: International Conference on Complex Systems

In response to questions about hyperproductive Scrum teams, please take a look at the SirsiDynix project, the most productive large Java project ever documented. A 56 member distributed/outsourced team was split between Provo, Utah; Denver, Colorado; Waterloo, Canada; and St. Petersburg, Russia. They achieved almost the same productivity as a single, colocated Scrum team documented by Mike Cohn in his User Stories book.

For the Complex Systems conference paper below, I also reviewed the first Scrum and how it achieved hyperproductivity using a variant of Toyota's set based engineering. Viewing the phenomenon as a biological model, it systematically induced "punctuated equilibrium" seen in species evolution.

Sutherland, J, Viktorov, A., and Blount, J. (2006) Adaptive Engineering of Large Software Projects with Distributed/Outsourced Teams. In Proceedings of the International Conference on Complex Systems, Boston, MA, 25-30 June.

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