Sunday, December 31, 2006

HICSS 2007 Agile Track - 5 Jan 2007

Incorporating Lean Development Practices into Agile Software Development
Co-Chairs: Jeff Sutherland and Jean Tabaka

For details see CALL FOR PAPERS

Fortieth Annual Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences
Hilton Waikoloa Village Resort and Spa on the Big Island

Click on link for Distributed Scrum paper. Click on author link to email request for other papers.

Session ST 11: Friday
8:00-9:30 Kona 2

Distributed Scrum: Agile Project Management with Outsourced Development Teams
Jeff Sutherland, Anton Viktorov, Jack Blount, and Nikolai Puntikov

Experiences of Deploying and Using Pair Programming in an Agile Project
Jari Vanhanen and Harri Korpi

The Impact of Scaling on Planning Activities in an Agile Software Development Context
Hubert Smits

Session ST 12: Friday
10:00 11:30 Kona 2

Implementing a Professional Services Organization Using Type C Scrum

Brent Barton and Evan Campbell

Using Agile Practices to Spark Innovation in a Small to Medium Sized Business

Ken H. Judy and Ilio Krumins-Beens

Effects of Agile Methods on Electronic Commerce: Do They Improve Website Quality?

David F. Rico

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