Monday, August 22, 2005

Why Do You Need a ScrumMaster?

The ScrumMaster is the Captain of the team.
Plays hard, plays fair
All Black captain Tana Umaga received the Pierre Coubertin Trophy from the International Committee of Fair Play on December 9. Previous awardees include Martina Navratilova and Nelson Mandela. The trophy recognised his good sportsmanship in helping Welsh captain Colin Charvis, who was knocked unconscious during a June 2003 Test match in Hamilton. Umaga removed Charvis's mouthguard to ensure he did not swallow his tongue and placed him in the recovery position while play continued around them. Later in December, the Guardian picked Umaga to lead their 2004 dream team, which included fellow All Blacks Joe Rococoko, Daniel Carter (“the season’s big discovery”), Richie McCaw, and Jerry Collins. (The Mercury, 12 December 2004)

To be a world champion you need a world champion ScrumMaster.
On top of the world
The All Blacks resumed their world No.1 ranking after a compelling 45-6 victory over European champions France. “I felt powerless,” said French coach Bernard Laporte. “I had the feeling that we could play for hours and hours and not find our way to the line. The All Blacks are well and truly a better side.” The Guardian called the win the “dominant image of a vibrant autumn,” and named Daniel Carter – “the new Johnny Wilkinson and Carlos Spencer rolled into one” – player of the month.The AB's followed up their French win with a 47-19 defeat of a predominantly Australian Barbarians side. (Reuters, 30 November 2004)

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